4 Ways to Refresh Your Company’s Career Website


According to Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Survey, 64% of candidates found companies’ career websites to be their most valuable resource while researching career opportunities. Basically, these sites act as a one-stop-shop for potential candidates, providing them with all the information they need—from descriptions of the company culture and values to a detailed outline of the application process—to make their job search a little easier.

Not to mention, a fully optimized career site makes your job of attracting those candidates a whole lot easier as well. However, a company career site can (and should!) do more than list available job openings. When done right, it can be the ultimate tool in attracting top talent to your company. Here are just some of the ways to get the most out of your career site and make it your most effective sourcing and talent marketing tool:


1. Improve the Candidate Experience

A complex and confusing application process is an instant turnoff for any potential candidate. When something as simple as searching for and finding relevant career opportunities and company content turn into an exercise in patience, that reflects poorly on the employer overall.

Employer review sites like Glassdoor, for example, allow users to rate companies on their hiring processes—providing details on both the application and interview stages. The application process can tell a potential candidate a lot about the company to which they’re about to apply, and those reviews can have a huge impact on recruitment. In a candidate-driven market, putting your best foot forward and ensuring a positive experience for all your applicants can make all the difference in the quality of your candidate pool.

Any career site update should focus on streamlining and improving the candidate experience. The power to customize that experience is in your hands, so use it! Careful consideration should go into everything that the candidate sees when they’re on your site, including the content you publish, the layout of the site (including mobile compatibility), and the way your company is represented.

That effort does not go unnoticed amongst top-tier applicants. A well-crafted career site projects an image of professionalism to potential candidates.


2. Brand Yourself with Engaging Content

Your employer brand—which should give candidates a glimpse into your unique approach, philosophy, company culture, and atmosphere—is the magnet you use to attract the right fit for your company. It lets potential applicants know what it’s like to work there before they ever set foot in the interview room.

What job seekers see when they punch your company name into Google will set the tone for how they perceive your employer brand, and with a more effective career site, you’ll have greater control over that information. Not only should you post job openings to your site, you should also share relevant content that informs, educates, and inspires potential applicants.

If you don’t already have a content strategy for your career website, there’s no time like the present to get started! And, if you do already produce content through your site, there’s always room for improvement by diversifying and improving it. Try switching up your content’s format. For example, if you usually post only blogs, try adding more visual elements like videos, infographics, and photos. Or, if you feel like your content is getting stale, try writing about something new. Here are just a few examples of useful content to shake things up:

  • Testimonials
  • Employee Benefits
  • Success Stories
  • Company Culture
  • Day in the Life
  • Pre-Interview Advice

All the content on your site—from videos and blog posts to the more mundane copy in your job descriptions and benefits list—should work together to create an accurate and cohesive employer brand. The content you publish needs to excite your audience making them eager to learn more about your company.

By the time a candidate is ready to submit their resumé, they should be able to accurately picture what it would be like to work for your company.


3. Collect Valuable Data on Candidate Behavior

Gathering data is essential to improving your recruiting process. Afterall, how do you know what to fix if you can’t tell what’s broken?

With access to information on what visitors are doing on your website—where they’re spending time, what they’re clicking on—your career site could be one of your best data gathering tools. So, make sure you’re using this powerful tool to its fullest potential! Which content is getting the most clicks? How many of those viewers are clicking through to the links provided? What keywords are people searching to bring them to your site? Where are your site visitors located geographically?

This demographic and behavioral information gathered from your site will tell you a lot about what makes your audience tick. Getting to know more about who’s viewing your site will provide you with valuable insights you can use to improve your talent marketing strategies going forward. You should also employ retargeting techniques, like advertising to past visitors, to keep your company top-of-mind throughout the candidate’s job search.


4. Increase Your Company’s Search Visibility

Most job searches start on Google, often with job seekers typing in keywords and/or company names (e.g. “marketing careers at Amazon” or “sales careers in Philadelphia”) that will usually lead them to one of two places: the company’s dedicated career site or an online job board. Ideally, you want that candidate’s first click to be on your career site.

On online job boards, your listings will appear alongside (or be buried under) those posted by competing companies. Your career site, however, drives those job seekers directly to your content and ensures that you stand out from the rest. That’s why you want to drive that traffic directly to your site.

While search engine optimization (SEO) may be tricky to fully master, there are a few tricks that can help you rank better in search. For one, make sure that each of your job postings has its own dedicated page, complete with meta tags, links, and search-friendly keywords. Relevant content (like that mentioned in #2) is another fantastic SEO booster. And, finally, make sure it’s all optimized for mobile. Mobile compatibility not only influences your ranking in search, it also positively contributes to that all-important candidate experience that we mentioned earlier.

A high search ranking adds a level of credibility and prestige to your company’s reputation. If an applicant needs to sift through pages of results to find info about your company (or can’t find it at all), that’s usually not a great sign.

With a fully optimized career site, you’ll also be more likely to rank in “Google for Jobs,” a feature that was introduced by the search engine giant in 2018. It appears as a box at the top of related search results and showcases an aggravated list of job postings from both job boards and career sites. Again, ranking high translates to greater visibility and a higher number of motivated applicants.



An exceptional company career website should be fully optimized to save you time and money. Focusing on improving the candidate experience, creating valuable content, and effectively delivering that content to the right audience is the best way to filter out unsuitable candidates. These steps make it more likely that candidates who don’t fit with your company’s culture, values, mission, and so on will “opt-out,” leaving you with a refined pool of candidates to choose from.

Taking the time to thoughtfully craft and maintain your career site not only helps you to attract the best talent; it also streamlines and improves the candidate experience. It’s a win-win.


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