Jun 13
New Hire Turnover | One of The Most Common Reasons People Leave New Jobs
New Hire Turnover Woes New hire turnover is a serious drain of talent, money, and resources for companies of all sizes. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a mismatched hire could cost an employer 30% of the employee's first-year earnings with nothing to show for it. Not to mention the sunk costs of onboarding, lost business opportunities and the stress understaffing places on the rest of your team. A new hire mismatch can also be a threat to your brand should a disgruntled review go viral on social media and employment sites. As a hiring manager, you understand that…
May 16
How to Get Your Money’s Worth Out of Sponsored Job Postings
16 May, 2018. 0 Comments. Sponsored Job Posting. Posted By: s2eadmin
Sponsored Job Posting | Start here You’re ready to sponsor a job. There are a million ways to do it and everything you’ve tried hasn’t given you the success you want. Or maybe it's your first time and you don’t know where to begin. You’ve come to the right place. We’ll take you through the steps of creating a sponsored job posting that makes the most of your budget, no matter the size. Step 1: Finding your space Your media strategy will depend on which platform you choose to advertise on. Finding your ‘space’ starts with analyzing your current sources.…
May 2
Optimizing Your Indeed Strategy to Maximize Your Sourcing Efforts
2 May, 2018. 0 Comments. Indeed, Sourcing. Posted By: s2eadmin
Increasing the ROI on your Indeed Sponsored Job Posting Many organizations are turning to job boards like Indeed to source talent. With the unemployment rate hovering around 4%, sourcing quality talent often takes multiple resources. These resources can be overwhelming if you are trying to manage the platforms, investments and your positions. It's common for employers to try to throw money at the issue, especially as many job boards transition to a pay-per-click (PPC) model. Optimizing your sponsored job posting is possible but it takes finesse. That’s where we come in - there is a science to the ‘cost per…
Feb 12
Career Website | What’s In It For (them)?
12 Feb, 2018. 0 Comments. Career Website. Posted By: s2eadmin
This Year’s Trends It may still be the ‘Monday’ of 2018, but the year is taking off and we’ve already seen some career website trends that we love! There's no lack of information in the age of the internet. We know how overwhelming the information can be. So we had our experts sift through the pile of career website trends and find the hidden treasures. Check out our top 3 trends that we’ve found to be the most valuable this year for your site: Simplicity- People want information quickly. You probably skimmed the above paragraph and went right to this…
Jan 29
Employment Branding | Holding the Truth Mirror to Brand Experience
29 Jan, 2018. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: s2eadmin
Defining Employment Branding Employment Branding, as we define it, is an authentic depiction of the reality of the employment experience at your company. It’s not something you develop, it’s something you uncover, and it’s definitely not a description of what you wish your brand to be. When performing an employment brand exercise you need to ask yourself ‘Who are we right now?’, not ‘Who do we think we want to be?’. Warts and All There’s an excellent anecdote that explains the approach companies must take with employment branding exercise: In January of 1649 during an argument between the current monarch…
Mar 12
Tweet Your Way to an Upbeat Workforce
12 Mar, 2014. 0 Comments. Social Media. Posted By: s2eadmin
As of December of 2013, the Pew Institute states that about 18% of American Internet users are on Twitter.  Despite all the hype about Tweeting to promote jobs and build relationships with potential candidates, that figure – 18% – doesn’t seem all that impressive, does it?  It’s true that Facebook boasts a membership within the United States alone that dwarfs Twitter’s, and while LinkedIn’s U.S. membership base is not dramatically higher than Twitter’s, at least its members tend to participate for business reasons. So why should you focus some of your limited recruiting energy on Twitter? One word: Culture. Article…
Mar 12
Internal Social Networks: Gimmick or Corporate Advantage?
12 Mar, 2014. 0 Comments. Social Media. Posted By: s2eadmin
According to Facebook’s self-stated statistics, more than 128 million of their users who visit Facebook daily reside in the United States (U.S.), with more than 1 billion total users around the world. The U.S. just Census data indicates that as of July 4, 2012 the American population reached just over 316 million people. Therefore, close to half of U.S. residents access Facebook on a daily basis. While these statistics specifically illustrate the adoption of the Facebook forum, they also more broadly indicate that this format is comfortable and readily adoptable by a significant segment of the population. People like communicating…
Mar 12
Social Media (and Email) Lessons Learned From WikiLeaks
12 Mar, 2014. 0 Comments. Social Media. Posted By: s2eadmin
(Originally written in February of 2011…yet still relevant today) It’s almost impossible these days to be unfamiliar with the fervor about WikiLeaks. In fact, thanks to almost constant recent media attention, even if you never log on to the Internet, you’re bound to know that WikiLeaks is under fire for their practice of publicly and dramatically “outing” questionable company and government actions. Many people around the world are outraged by WikiLeaks’ guerilla practices, while many others celebrate and defend WikiLeaks as the protectors of transparency and freedom of information. No matter where your opinion falls on the spectrum between love…
Mar 12
Diversity: It’s Not a Trend, It’s a Necessity
12 Mar, 2014. 0 Comments. Diversity. Posted By: s2eadmin
In Human Resources and Recruiting, as in any industry, the focus on particular programs and strategies periodically adjusts to highlight a topic either that is new or that has been outshined by something else for a while. In our industry, the attention of articles and agencies meanders from employer branding, employee retention, job posting sites, applicant tracking systems and employee referral programs to, these days, social media and mobile web tools, just to name a few. Every one of these topics is relevant and important to the success of recruiting and HR organizations, and, to be fair, as mere mortals…