Aug 15
There’s no time like budget time to optimize your recruitment spend.
Asking for money is never fun. That’s probably why so many just resubmit last year’s budget number and hope for the best. Especially if what you’re doing seems to be working out ok. Why rock the boat? Plus, you have a hundred other things on their to do list. Why not just knock this one out? But, how do you know if what’s working ok could be working a whole lot better? What if you only think it’s working ok and your metrics aren’t telling the full story? What if you know that it’s working terribly, but you know that…
Aug 21
Continuity in Recruiting
21 Aug, 2017. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Stacey Shaw
How one point of contact in a corporate office can maintain recruitment excellence in multiple field offices without adding extra hours of manpower. Impossible? Let’s review the situation. You work in a home office. Your company is spread across the country and you have responsibility to support field locations and help them do their own recruiting while holding a full desk of your own requisitions. You’re not alone. This is a common recruiting situation. It’s particularly common in healthcare, restaurants, hospitality and retail. As you probably know, supporting field recruiting creates a host of challenges. To name just a few……
Aug 14
Increasing Recruiter Bandwidth
14 Aug, 2017. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Stacey Shaw
How do you expand time? Einstein had some theories relating to black holes and Neil Degrasse Tyson has generated work on the Cosmos, but actually expanding time is a talent that still eludes us. In the interest of scientific debate, let us add another variable and ask how do we expand time and do it at little or no cost? Shockingly, although actual time cannot be expanded, the time within time can be. Or more granularly, bandwidth can be expanded. This I will concede is a rather lengthy route to reach the proposition that Recruitment Marketing Agencies (RMA) can provide…