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5 Tips to Tackle Your Recruitment Budget Blues

Asking for money is never fun. That’s probably why so many just resubmit last year’s budget number and hope for the best (especially if what you’re doing seems to be working out okay). Why rock the boat? Plus, you have a hundred other things on your to-do list. Why not just knock this one out? But, how do you know…

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Career Website | When Style Meets Substance

It’s a candidate-driven market, and job seekers can afford to be a little choosy when it comes to where they apply. That’s why you want to stand out for all the right reasons—not because you’re sporting a decade-old web design. Let’s face it. Appearances matter. What you wear says a lot about who you are, and you can say the…

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Struggling with Employee Retention? Try These 3 Proven Ways to Prevent New Hire Turnover

No one wants to lose a talented team member—especially when you’ve invested so much time and effort (not to mention a significant portion of your budget) to hiring and training them. When a good employee resigns, it throws off the whole dynamic. Now the manager has to find someone to pick up the slack while you find a replacement, and…

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Falling Out of Love: How to Avoid the Most Common Cause of Employee Turnover

Not What You Advertised Finding a new job is a lot like online dating. Job-seekers spend hours scrolling through pictures, reading about your company’s personality and culture, and crafting that perfect email response. Falling in love with a job before you even start is easy. Falling out of love when the “rose-tinted glasses” come off is just as easy. Whether…

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The Onboard Audit: 5 Questions that Reveal the Effectiveness of Your Employee Onboarding Program

For many companies, their entire onboarding strategy consists of “get them on the payroll, in the benefits program, and signed up for training.” Of course, these are all good, vital parts of the new hire experience, but this process lacks the depth of impact that a successful onboarding process should have. By all means, check these items off your list…

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When Onboarding Feels Like Being Thrown Overboard: Rethinking the New Hire Experience

Have you ever gone through a formal onboarding program that consists solely of sitting at a desk and being asked to read a handbook? It’s an all-too-common experience that ultimately leads to being left on your own to either sink or swim. Maybe you luck out with a great hiring manager or supportive team to throw you a life vest….

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Optimizing Your Indeed Strategy to Maximize Your Sourcing Efforts

Everything You Need to Know to Optimize Your Budget on Indeed While we’re all for strategically incorporating sponsored listings into your overall sourcing strategy, it’s become all-too-common for employers to simply throw money at the problem and hope for the best. While this strategy will likely give you an easy boost to your number of applicants, it’s also a great…

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4 Ways to Refresh Your Company’s Career Website

According to Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Survey, 64% of candidates found companies’ career websites to be their most valuable resource while researching career opportunities. Basically, these sites act as a one-stop-shop for potential candidates, providing them with all the information they need—from descriptions of the company culture and values to a detailed outline of the application process—to make their job…

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Employer Branding 101: Holding the Truth Mirror to Brand Experience

An employer brand is like a Tinder profile. When someone makes that decision to swipe right, it’s because they like what they see, and they want to know more. However, finding out that their date is nothing like what they saw online is an instant turn-off. The same goes for potential job applicants. They’re “swiping right” on your company because…

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6 Foundational Questions for Your Sourcing Strategy

The components of an effective sourcing strategy: what they are, why they matter, and how you can put them to work for you   All major structures depend on a strong foundation. You can put all your efforts into crafting beautiful windows, stunning archways, and extravagant rooms, but, without a solid foundation, your structure will crumble. The same goes for your…

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5 Steps to Getting Your Money’s Worth Out of Sponsored Job Postings

New jobs are posted online every day. In fact, one of the world’s leading job boards, Indeed, adds 9.8 new jobs to their site every second! With search results appearing first in terms of keyword relevance and then by date, organic (free) job postings may have only a brief window of time to remain prominent in the rankings. And, as…

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