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Career Website | What’s In It For (them)?
12 Feb, 2018. 0 Comments. Career Website. Posted By: s2eadmin

This Year’s Trends

It may still be the ‘Monday’ of 2018, but the year is taking off and we’ve already seen some career website trends that we love! There’s no lack of information in the age of the internet. We know how overwhelming the information can be. So we had our experts sift through the pile of career website trends and find the hidden treasures.

Check out our top 3 trends that we’ve found to be the most valuable this year for your site:

  1. Simplicity- People want information quickly. You probably skimmed the above paragraph and went right to this bullet point right? Your potential candidates are going to do the same. If you make them click before providing value, they’re going to be off your site quicker than you can say ‘lost prospect’. You have to make it easy to find the ‘search job’ function. Simplicity is one trend we’re happy to see; it makes for a cleaner page and easier viewing, which scratches our inner zen-seeker.
  2. Tell people about the company – A career website is not just a data dump, it’s your company’s tinder profile. Candidates want to know about your company and especially the great things your team are up to. Millennials, in particular, are keen to know if the company supports a philanthropic endeavor. Just saying you have great benefits is not enough.
  3. Video – The use of video is increasing. This is one trend we’re seeing across the board on several marketing websites as well. Whether it’s a looping animation or a full-on, minute long video, it gives your site personality and allows you to use the storytelling trick of ‘show don’t tell’. Video is an important way to display company culture or provide a realistic preview of commonly recruited positions.

Career Website Necessities

There are some things you shouldn’t leave out of your career website. Many organizations overlook these core aspects of career pages, and their HR and recruiting departments suffer for it.

  1. First, make it easy to search for job openings. Easy-to-use search functionality where a potential candidate can find the opening they’re dreaming about is essential.
  2. Second, give potential candidates the ability to figure out who your company is and what you do. Plain and simple, they need to know for sure what business they are planning to apply for and whether their personal and professional goals align with your business.
  3. Finally, focus a dedicated part of the site on commonly recruited positions. The opportunities that tend to come up (like sales, nurses, etc.) should not only be easy to find, they should also include a ‘why’ statement. Why your company is a better employment option than the local competitors.

Things that Make Us (and Candidates) Cringe

On the flip side some career pages, especially those which haven’t been updated in a while, usually feature these 4 mistakes:

  1. Data Dumping – When your career website is a data dump of information with no strategy to the construction and placement of that information, we tend to cringe. When ‘Click here to apply’ is the only thing noted it says you don’t care to take the time to develop your website. This translates to a lack of care to develop your employees. That may not be true but that’s how it will be perceived.
  2. Difficult to Navigate – When it’s hard to figure out how to navigate the website or how to find the job search information you’re stepping on your own toes. The job search function should be evident on every career page, as that’s the main reason your potential candidates are here, isn’t it?
  3. No evidence of the WIIFM – this is the big one folks. WIIFM stands for What’s In It For Me. Your potential candidates need to know what makes you a better company to work for than your competitors and a majority of that is summed up in a WIIFM statement. You need your page to try and sell the candidate. Avoid filling the page with how great the company is and how much candidates should want to work for you. Instead talk about how your company promotes and builds the personal and professional talent of their employees which, in turn, benefits the organization.
  4. Stuck in the past – Your job openings should be up-to-date. Also, an outdated calendar of events causes candidates to doubt every single post on the site. This deters them from applying for a position as they’ll assume it’s been filled.

Refresh or Renew, Get Real-Honest!

It’s always great to be that ‘stand out’ company with a career website that inspires candidates and gets them excited at the prospect of working for your organization. The way you get there? Sell to the candidate, not the CEO. Your CEO knows what’s great about the company and what the big-picture vision is for the employee experience, but they’re not in the grind of day-to-day office happenings.

Be candid about life with the company. Updated career pages that look modern only go so far, a WIIFM statement is needed to help attract the right talent. Prospective candidates want to know what you will do for them as their employee. Will they receive training to further their skills? An ability to work in their local communities to give back? An ability to work on cool technology, etc.? This may look like a big list of do’s and don’ts but it’s not as intimidating as it sounds, especially when you have our experts there to come alongside you and help iron out the details.

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