We are a full-service consulting firm, with an emphasis on service.

At S2E Solutions, we offer every capability that is necessary to maximize the potential of your talent management practice. Our clients don’t choose us simply because we offer world-class research, strategy, creative resources, and tactical solutions.

It really comes down to the people servicing their business.

When you partner with S2E Solutions, you work with senior-level consultants each and every day. We never hand your account off to junior-level staff who gain experience at your expense. Instead, you have full access to absolute talent management experts. From account service, to process review, to strategic development to creative execution, our team brings years of experience to every project.

We see our relationship as a collaboration of professionals sharing ideas and insights to improve the performance of your Talent Management function and your organization. That’s what having a true partner in your business is all about. And that’s what you’ll have with S2E Solutions.

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Our Capabilities

Get twice the features and twice the functionality, in half the time for half the cost.

At S2E Solutions, we’re re-writing the rules of career websites.

Our website solution incorporates the smartest recruitment technology available. Every feature adds value to your recruiting efforts and every feature makes it easier and faster for a candidate to find the opportunity that’s perfect for their skills and background.

Best of all, every feature is included.

It’s a turn-key solution which means all of the functionality is already built in. So we can have your career website live and recruiting the talent you need typically in half the time – and for half the cost – of a traditional career website.

XML/RSS/API job feed with keyword search and customizable dropdowns
We integrate your existing job database with your site to make it simple for users to find what they’re looking for
Custom static pages
If you want to add custom text, images or messaging to your site our team of experts will design and create content for maximum engagement
Custom jobs map by state
We can include an interactive state map that allows users to click and browse jobs by location through a visual graphic instead of a search form
Custom theme designed to match your brand exactly
We’ll customize your site 100% to your brand and style – using design and user experience best practices
Lead gen forms
Our site generates qualified leads and interest through contact forms with built-in conversion tracking
WordPress installation/setup
We handle all server or domain configuration to provide you with a quick, efficient platform setup suited for your needs
Latest jobs widget
Your most recent job postings will be listed in this widget shown in a sidebar
Server side caching and fast load times
Our servers handle all caching and speed enhancements for your site, eliminating the need for more plugins and site code – making your site run more efficiently and load quicker than any other WordPress hosting service
99.9% guaranteed up-time
We feature redundant servers, backups and 24/7 technical support for virtually zero down-time
Optional SEO component
WordPress is already streamlined for SEO as a framework. We can take this one step further and optimize your content, images, alt tags, headers, URL structure, hierarchy, sitemaps and more – to give your site the greatest potential for high search engine rankings
Daily backups
Automated daily backups are available 24/7 and can be deployed to your live site instantly – these backups can even be stored locally should you want even more redundancy
Quick turnover
Our team is focused on efficient, streamlined and quality development so your site is up and recruiting fast

Review, evaluate, recommend, improve… repeat as necessary.

You have an existing interview process. A hiring process. An onboarding process. A training process. And within each process there are numerous policies, systems and technologies. To say talent management can be complex is a bit of an understatement.

With so many factors involved we can almost guarantee an opportunity for improvement. The key is uncovering the opportunity…and having the expertise to capitalize on it.

At S2E Solutions, our consultants work with you to explore every aspect of every process within your talent management function. Whether it’s related to your message, your people or your technologies, we are relentless in our efforts to improve your performance. It’s a commitment that never ends.

Talent Acquisition

Process Review and Mapping

  • Evaluate recruiting team performance and sourcing effectiveness.
  • Optimize internal company resources and technology partners.
  • Evaluate current process, candidate experience and hiring manager experience.
  • Develop tools/guides to improve recruiter and hiring manager productivity.

Candidate Attraction

  • Partner with internal teams (HR, Recruiting, Business Leads and Marketing) on targeted candidate attraction strategies.
  • Develop / optimize your online and social media presence.
  • Implement employment brand communications.
  • Sourcing and assessment tool evaluation.

Software Review/RFP/Integration

  • Review processes and current software tools; identify improvement areas and gather functional requirements.
  • Research available software applications in areas such as ATS, CRMs, Talent Communities, Drug/Background Check Vendors and Assessments.
  • Conduct RFP/RFI process; assist in evaluation and selection of supporting tools.
  • Project manage the implementation and integration of software with existing process and other applications.

You’ve made a tremendous investment in attracting talent… Now what?

At S2E, we have the expertise and tools to truly engage your employees with your corporate mission, from their period as a hopeful candidate through the onboarding process and throughout their tenure with your organization. We can partner with you to provide sound methodologies for increasing employee knowledge share, awareness of corporate activity and overall performance. Talent acquisition, communications and engagement practices aren’t just the recent buzz words. These efforts drive and enhance business performance, with measurable impact.

Our insights can help you make the right hire – so you onboard someone who will fit into your unique culture perfectly. We can then help you provide the training and opportunities that will make your employee feel valued – so they know you’re investing in their future. And we can help assess their satisfaction throughout their career with you – so turnover and costs are reduced.

Increasing employee engagement is not a survey, it’s a strategic plan supported by specific tools and defined goals. Yet even with solid programs in place, every organization has turnover. How do we learn from that? How do we collect that information and translate it into a workable plan that improves the culture of the organization, its performance and its bottom line?

At S2E, our goal is to help you understand why it happens and what your options are for preventing it. Our consultants evaluate your termination data to determine the tenure threshold beyond which most employees are leaving your organization. S2E will work with your team to develop an Employee Exit Plan that’s a road map for improving future performance. An actionable plan supported by a solid business case and business metrics. We can also demonstrate the business value of moving the tenure threshold further out in time.

Business Impact

No guesswork involved here. It’s S2E Solutions delivering the information you need to help you improve performance throughout your organization.

Social Media

Internal Social Networks can increase revenue and decrease costs by allowing employees to:

  • Exchange information rapidly
  • Enhance company loyalty
  • Establish and reinforce collaboration

It’s time to join the conversation.

Social Networking is a reality that all companies need to manage. Because if it isn’t working for you, chances are it’s working against you. People freely post what they like and dislike about their experiences as customers, employees and candidates. And if you’re not part of the conversation, your brand can take a beating in the blink of an eye.

At S2E Solutions, our consultants can help you galvanize your employee base like never before. From how you’re perceived as an employer to how you engage every employee at every level, Social Networking is a powerful tool for any organization. If it’s done right.

Working with S2E, you’ll have access to experienced professionals who can show you how to use Social Networking as a talent sourcing tool, as an internal communications vehicle or both. You know that Social Networking has become a dominant communications tool.

Now you know how to put it to work for you.

We can develop your social media pages, create the content, and even provide training programs for your recruiters to maximize your Social Networking impact.

Employment Communication

How we can help you gain insight into your employees and your competitors:

  • Employee/Candidate Focus Groups
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Complete Market Analytics
  • Employee Surveys
  • Internal Communications

Communication is a two-way street. Proceed with care.

Employment Communications isn’t a trademarked process or an industry secret. Actually, it’s communications common-sense. At S2E Solutions, we realize that before you can attract the talent you need to build your business, you first need to understand how and what candidates think about your company, your career offerings and your competition.

How is your organization perceived as an employer? Which media is preferred by specific audiences? What motivates candidates to pursue your opportunities?

All the buzzwords in the world can’t replace the need for solid strategic insight. Fortunately, our experts are actual experts at research, brand development, and candidate attraction strategies. If your brand is built on a solid foundation we won’t try to reinvent it. And, if social networking is the way to go, we’ll make it work for you without wasting dollars on ineffective media.

At S2E, we don’t take shortcuts. We don’t try to sell you on the “flavor of the week” which is usually a marketing trend gone bad…like “unique selling proposition” or “ideating.” Most important of all, we don’t use technology as a crutch to make up for a lack of strategic thought.

Instead we analyze internal and external audiences to understand how you’re perceived. Who you’re competing with for talent. And every possible variable that can impact your message. Then working together, we create a strategic plan that – when executed – will deliver the results you’re looking for.

Meaningful. Measureable. That’s the power of S2E Solutions.

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