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Struggling with Employee Retention? Try These 3 Proven Ways to Prevent New Hire Turnover

No one wants to lose a talented team member—especially when you’ve invested so much time and effort (not to mention a significant portion of your budget) to hiring and training them. When a good employee resigns, it throws off the whole dynamic. Now the manager has to find someone to pick up the slack while you find a replacement, and…

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Falling Out of Love: How to Avoid the Most Common Cause of Employee Turnover

Not What You Advertised Finding a new job is a lot like online dating. Job-seekers spend hours scrolling through pictures, reading about your company’s personality and culture, and crafting that perfect email response. Falling in love with a job before you even start is easy. Falling out of love when the “rose-tinted glasses” come off is just as easy. Whether…

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