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The Onboard Audit: 5 Questions that Reveal the Effectiveness of Your Employee Onboarding Program

For many companies, their entire onboarding strategy consists of “get them on the payroll, in the benefits program, and signed up for training.” Of course, these are all good, vital parts of the new hire experience, but this process lacks the depth of impact that a successful onboarding process should have. By all means, check these items off your list…

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When Onboarding Feels Like Being Thrown Overboard: Rethinking the New Hire Experience

Have you ever gone through a formal onboarding program that consists solely of sitting at a desk and being asked to read a handbook? It’s an all-too-common experience that ultimately leads to being left on your own to either sink or swim. Maybe you luck out with a great hiring manager or supportive team to throw you a life vest….

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