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Continuity in Recruiting
21 Aug, 2017. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Stacey Shaw

How one point of contact in a corporate office can maintain recruitment excellence in multiple field offices without adding extra hours of manpower.

Impossible? Let’s review the situation. You work in a home office. Your company is spread across the country and you have responsibility to support field locations and help them do their own recruiting while holding a full desk of your own requisitions.

You’re not alone. This is a common recruiting situation. It’s particularly common in healthcare, restaurants, hospitality and retail.

As you probably know, supporting field recruiting creates a host of challenges. To name just a few…

  • You lack personal knowledge about the location
  • You lack data about recruiting tactics that have worked previously
  • You don’t have time or resources to train your field contact
  • You can’t determine how much was spent previously on similar efforts
  • You have to overcome reporting issues
  • You don’t have a real measurement of success

Now multiply those challenges by the number of field offices you’re supporting and it’s easy to see why achieving continuity in recruiting can be remarkably difficult.

This probably sounds all too familiar…

You get a call from someone at a field location who has limited experience in recruiting. Their manager has asked them to help with the placement of a posting and suggested they call the home office for assistance.

You’re the person they speak to.

You have some knowledge of the location but it’s been a while since you spoke to them. In fact, the last time you spoke you were speaking to a different contact. This location has been doing most of the local recruiting on their own so there is little in the way of formalized recordkeeping to show what has been done and if it was successful.

You look in the general ledger for past expenses only to discover that all local advertising is captured under a miscellaneous category, so it’s tough to see what was done, how much was spent and if it worked.

You do a resume search but are assured by location management that we need to repost to get fresh blood into the system.

As you probably know all too well, it’s a frustrating experience for everyone involved and certainly not the best use of anyone’s time and budget. But imagine if you could partner with people who specialize in supporting field recruiting efforts. Instead of calling you, the field calls a specialist.

No more wasted time. No more wasted efforts. No more wasted dollars.

Enter the Recruitment Marketing Agency (RMA).

Calling a focused Recruitment Marketing Agency allows you to give your field locations access to unparalleled recruiting expertise. The RMA will:

  • House all advertising content, expense and success data
  • Provide consultation to the local facility on what has been done before, what worked, further costs and recommendations
  • Train field offices about process and successful recruiting tools
  • Capture billing data so that this expense can be visible within the organization by each location

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using an RMA is continuity in recruiting. Whatever the turnover at the field level, the RMA provides a consistent point of contact that will:

  • Help with training all new location personnel in the recruiting process
  • Provide a direct line of sight to the corporate office and the local facility
  • Enable the company and the location to focus on tactics that work while preventing them from experimenting with tactics that don’t work – a classic example would be utilizing print to attract new candidates
  • Reduce the time that home office staff need to spend on this function
  • Reduce cost, increase efficiency, and increase bandwidth at the field and home office recruiter level

Of course now that you know the benefits of using an RMA the question is, which RMA should you be using? At S2E you’ll find a team with vast experience maintaining recruiting continuity for companies in a variety of industries. What can our expertise do for you? Contact us and see for yourself.

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