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How to Get Your Money’s Worth Out of Sponsored Job Postings
16 May, 2018. 0 Comments. Sponsored Job Posting. Posted By: s2eadmin

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You’re ready to sponsor a job. There are a million ways to do it and everything you’ve tried hasn’t given you the success you want. Or maybe it’s your first time and you don’t know where to begin. You’ve come to the right place. We’ll take you through the steps of creating a sponsored job posting that makes the most of your budget, no matter the size.

Step 1: Finding your space

Your media strategy will depend on which platform you choose to advertise on. Finding your ‘space’ starts with analyzing your current sources. What are your top recruitment sources for both applicants and hires? For most organizations, employee referrals take first place and Indeed is the runner-up. But there are other resources that candidates come from, which is why we like having our client’s source of applicant and hire reports every month. You know how your sources rank, but you may not be able to pinpoint which resources are better based on a given position or market.

As you might imagine we see the largest percentage of applicants from major job boards. They are well promoted and rank higher in Google search results. But we’re also seeing more unconventional platforms like social media paid advertising, Google Adwords, and text campaigns produce great results. And don’t forget the platform you have in front of you. Your applicant tracking system has many qualified candidates that are often forgotten after you fill the position they applied for.

Step 2: Writing the job posting

You’re not in the writing field. You’re in HR. More than likely, you’re not a writer. We have good news! Writing a sponsored (paid) ad doesn’t take a master’s degree in English or Writing. The basics and a good strategy will do. The job title and position description, however, are important. Indeed (a leading platform) uses an algorithm to review the job title and the job posting content to search for relevance. Develop content that articulates the position with clarity but without writing a book.

Indeed reports a 30% increase in applications for postings where descriptions are between 700-2,000 characters. That’s about one sentence longer than the size of this paragraph so far. It’s also important to repeat important keywords a job seeker would use to find the position (without being repetitive). We recommend you use variations of these words. For example, Registered Nurse, RN, nursing are all possible variations. Use the keyword once in the title and two more times within the body but limit yourself to about 3 repetitions.

Step 3: Editing the job posting

The big mistake organizations make is trying to use a job requisition for their sponsored job posting. A requisition lists every responsibility and qualification you might need – “Able to sit for 1-2 hours at a time”, “Able to lift a box of up to 10 lbs”, etc. This criteria is not crucial to finding a qualified candidate for most positions. It’s important to sell the prospective candidate on the company and position right off the bat by telling the audience ‘why you?’. What makes your organization different than the competitor down the street? Stop boring them and sell them like you would a product or service. Articulate the importance of the position and what’s in it for the potential employee.

Step 4: Budgeting

Make the most of your allocated budget by being intentional with your advertising spend. This is where having a solid strategy built by experts comes into play. There are nuances that impact choosing a Pay per Click (PPC) bid. Some positions need a higher bid than others. Hard-to-fill positions and locations will take more of your budget than those that are easier-to-fill. We break this down into more specific examples in our recent blog about *Indeed Strategy. The key here is two-fold. First, know the options you have on the media platform you’re using. Second, know the position you’re trying to fill and how it fits into the current job market.

Step 5: Don’t get overwhelmed

Okay. Now you’re ready to improve your sponsored job posting. Go attack it. Cut it down to size and make it into the best ad it can be. Or let us help you. We’re experts. Our team has audited thousands of job listings and saved many organizations from misused budgets. The four steps above can help direct your way but can be overwhelming. If you don’t have a pulse on the job market this strategy will be difficult to put in place. Contact us today and see how we can help you through these basic steps and keep you focused on what you do best. Don’t get overwhelmed, get S2E Solutions and our full range of expertise.

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