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Strategy. Creative. Technology. What about results? At S2E Solutions, we know that the only measure of our success is the results we deliver for our clients. That’s why every challenge we address has measurable metrics that in the end determine our impact.

Were we able to exceed your expectations? We do everything we can to do just that for every client we serve. Take a closer look. Then discover how a team that takes your success personally can impact your business.

Our Impact


MetroPCS: We had never asked a client to act their age before, but that was part of the solution.

The wireless industry has become fairly generic to employees as well as consumers. Thanks to “me too” advertising agencies, the leaders hammer away with the same messages saying the same things in basically the same ways. So how could an upstart like MetroPCS stand out and attract the talent that was necessary to fuel their remarkable growth?

As it turns out, the answer was already in place. We simply needed to bring it to light.

Our employment brand development process includes an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape as well as extensive employee and management interviews. The results are the foundation of our strategic plan.

In the case of MetroPCS, the industry leaders had been led into the world of “me too” advertising. Whether they were communicating to potential employees or customers the messages were so similar it was eerie. The focus groups revealed a cultural phenomenon within MetroPCS that would become a key component of our strategy. MetroPCS was the rebel in the industry – the ones breaking the rules and enjoying incredible success along the way.

It was an environment that was truly unique and it wasn’t meant for anyone. Our recruitment efforts would have to not only attract the right candidates but also screen out candidates who wouldn’t be as successful working in a culture like MetroPCS. As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, we also had to present a message that would cut through the clutter caused by the “me too” messages and reposition the leaders at the same time.

Our new brand promise: “It’s a high energy career with extremely high expectations.”

The promise was appealing to internal as well as external audiences and it turned potential negatives into positives. Working closely with our client, our creative teams developed an employment brand that literally captured the essence of the MetroPCS culture. At first glance our company and our careers are similar to the industry leaders. But beyond the job titles, the difference is profound.

The new brand was launched simultaneously as a career website, in print, and in store promotions. And the impact was immediate.

MetroPCS has received 35% more applicants to the applicant tracking system. And because the brand screens candidates before they even apply for a position, turnover has been reduced by over 25%.

MetroPCS is young and hip and definitely on the move. By working closely with our client and asking the hard questions, we were able to create a brand that truly represented the reality of MetroPCS. They’re not the old status quo so why act that way?


WinStar World Casino: From 0 to 1,100 in 90 days.

The task was straightforward and massive: WinStar World Casino asked us to help them hire 1,100 qualified employees in just 90 days.

They were expanding their largest gaming facility and without the right talent in place, trained and ready to serve their customers, their grand opening wouldn’t be so grand. With time not exactly on our side, our strategic and creative teams rushed to basically do the impossible.

We revamped every aspect of their recruitment effort – from the design of the advertising to the media itself. We placed ads in newspapers, online, with local radio stations, cinema, direct mail…we even used door hangers in select zipcodes.

Even with the short timeframe we continuously evaluated our results and made adjustments accordingly to maximize WinStar’s budget as well as their results. We reported almost daily to WinStar’s management team making strategic recommendations wherever we deemed necessary. From the media to the message to the hiring process, our teams contributed ideas that made an immediate impact.

The results?

WinStar was able to hit their mark well within their 90 day timeframe. All 1,100 employees were hired, trained and ready to make the grand opening of their newly expanded facility a tremendous success.

Our partnership with WinStar has expanded beyond that initial project. We have helped other business units address hiring challenges with innovative, creative thinking. Whether it’s a mass hiring effort and a short timeline or ongoing strategic planning, our teams are always ready to deliver results.

Loan Co.

National Consumer Loan Company: We helped reinvent their employment brand, their recruitment process and their possibilities.

The national consumer loan company came to us with a challenge. Turnover was an issue, a serious issue that was affecting their client relationships and growth potential. What could we do to reduce turnover and improve retention?

As it turned out, we could do a great deal.

After reviewing their recruitment process and interviewing key stakeholders we discovered several opportunities to implement positive changes. First, working directly with management, we revised every aspect of their recruitment process to set employee expectations even before they became employees. This screened in the talent that would be successful here while screening out candidates who wouldn’t thrive in the unique culture.

We also trained regional and local supervisors on management and interviewing techniques. Again, the goal was to screen candidates and reduce turnover before it ever happened. Screening was so critical that we even implemented an online assessment to help candidates determine if this organization would be the right fit. It also helped the existing team members focus their time and energy on qualified candidates and other responsibilities they had.

Knowing we were making important changes, we also knew it was important that we complete the transformation by conducting a formal employment branding process to position them as an optimal employer. We needed to distance them from less reputable lenders while creating a brand that would let a candidate know what working at one of their nationwide locations was all about. The screening process started before a candidate actually applied for an open position. The new brand was executed online and in print and truly captured the essence of what this company stands for.Together, our changes made a dramatic change.

In 2008, upon the implementation of our plan, this national consumer loan company had a 20% reduction in turnover. In 2009 & 2010, turnover continued to decline each year by a significant percentage. The campaign has been so successful it has continued to this very day and the company continues to experience growth and high employee retention.

Our relationship with this organization has made significant impact on their business. Maybe that’s why they now work with Michaels Wilder as well as S2E Solutions to market their organization to customers as well as employees.