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Increasing Recruiter Bandwidth
14 Aug, 2017. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: Stacey Shaw

How do you expand time?

Einstein had some theories relating to black holes and Neil Degrasse Tyson has generated work on the Cosmos, but actually expanding time is a talent that still eludes us. In the interest of scientific debate, let us add another variable and ask how do we expand time and do it at little or no cost?

Shockingly, although actual time cannot be expanded, the time within time can be. Or more granularly, bandwidth can be expanded.

This I will concede is a rather lengthy route to reach the proposition that Recruitment Marketing Agencies (RMA) can provide a solution to the challenge of increasing recruiter bandwidth at a cost point of little or zero.

In fact, the RMA can actually reduce costs over time. Since this has a scientific bent, allow me to substantiate these claims with examples that pertain to billing and to a recruiter’s daily activities.

Being a Recruiter

A recruiter typically has a varied day. The role engenders a great deal of corporate expectations but varying degrees of corporate support. A day is spent nurturing candidates and hiring managers through a hiring process that they find challenging and often confusing. This requires recruiters to continuously explain the process again increasing the time required to accomplish the task.

As the recruiter shepherds these seemingly competing forces through the process they must also keep track of a plethora of metrics that supposedly evaluate effectiveness.

Within the strict remit of “source, screen, fill”, the recruiter also plays the role of confidante, strategist, accountant, researcher and location support specialist.

Some of these functions can be absorbed by the RMA and if not absorbed at least shared.

As recruiters look to fill the varied, nationally open positions on their requisition list it would be nice to have an assistant who would:

  • Contact the locations directly to get more background information
  • Research what options are available
  • Provide insight on what has worked for other divisions
  • Provide insight for what has worked for other companies
  • Write the job description
  • Post the position
  • Update or generate a landing page
  • Design and generate any specific recruitment collateral that should be needed to support a job fair, open house, direct mail or email campaign that’s been requested
  • Accurately bill each individual location for their portion of all advertising placements

Of course now that you know the benefits of using an RMA the question is, which RMA should you be using? At S2E you’ll find a team with vast experience maintaining recruiting continuity for companies in a variety of industries. What can our expertise do for you? Contact us and see for yourself.

Paul Wills – Chief Strategy Officer

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