Ep. 12 – Ready for a new Career Website?

How much is the modern job search influenced by ecommerce? Popular shopping sites like Amazon have raised consumer expectations for the ideal browsing experience—whether that person is shopping for a new pair of shoes or a new career. In this episode of Talent Marketing Solved, hosts Paul and Todd talk career sites, focusing their conversation on the specific features that 21st century job seekers want from their experience.

How many of these “customer-friendly” features does your career site have?

  1. Easy Searchability: Is your ATS front and center so that candidates can immediately find what they’re looking for? Once they get there, is there a way for them to filter out irrelevant results? If a candidate can’t quickly find the type of job they’re looking for, they won’t spend time scouring every results page. They’ll go somewhere else.
  2. Personalization: Top notch career sites structure themselves similarly to ecommerce sites in order to deliver a customized experience to every visitor. They use data from previous visits to deliver content tailored to each visitor, making it more likely for them to stick around and see what the organization has to offer.
  3. Mobile Compatibility: Whether someone’s sitting down to look for a new job from a home computer or they’re sneaking in some time on their lunch break to look at listings from their phone, the experience should be the same. An effective career site is designed to be responsive and functional from every device.
  4. Saved Jobs Lists: Even if a candidate isn’t ready to apply in the moment, they should have a way to save that option for later. Similar to an Amazon wish list, a saved jobs function allows candidates to shortlist their favorite positions and apply later.
  5. Content: Your ability to transform a “window-shopper” into a “buyer” is largely dependent on your ability to “sell” the job to them. Modern career sites are designed with this need in mind and provide a home for that content. Testimonials, benefit information, blogs, and even videos all opportunities to convince your visitors to hit “Apply.”
  6. Remarketing: Once a candidate leaves your site, how do you stay top-of-mind? We all know what it’s like to view a product online and then see that same product pop up in ads across the web. While this isn’t necessarily something that candidates look for, it is something that will keep them coming back.


With the technology available today, making these changes isn’t difficult, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an outdated website, interested in finding ways to optimize an inherited platform, or even need to build a website from scratch, there are simple ways to design your career site so that you can compete at any level. In most cases, these easy tweaks can help you to surpass the experience your competitors are providing to their own candidate base.

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