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Ep. 06 – A Detailed Strategic Recruitment Plan

Talent Marketing Solved: A Detailed Strategic Plan Thanks to our last podcast, you should now know just how vital strategic planning is to the success of your recruiting initiatives. Now, we’re taking a closer look at the individual components of a strategic recruitment marketing plan and providing you with a concrete, real-world example with the hope that you’ll use this…

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Ep. 05 – Why a Strategic Recruitment Plan?

Talent Marketing Solved: Why Do I Need a Strategic Plan? What is a Strategic Plan? Before we get into the importance of strategic planning, it would be helpful to define exactly what a strategic plan is. A strategic plan is a combination of challenges, goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics that all work together to help you achieve your long-term vision….

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Ep. 04 – When & Where to use Paid Social Media

Talent Marketing Solved: Answering All Your Questions about Paid Social Media Do you have questions about paid social media? Well, we have answers! It’s common for our clients to have a lot of questions when it comes to paid social media, with one of their biggest questions being, “Is it worth it?” We’re breaking down the answers to this question…

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Ep. 03 – How to Build an Engaged Social Media Following

Talent Marketing Solved: How to Build an Engaged Social Media Following “How do we get more followers?” It’s one of the most common questions we hear from companies using social media for talent marketing. Obviously, you want people to see your content. Afterall, you didn’t spend all that time on content creation just for it to go unnoticed. While we…

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Ep. 02 – 7 Steps to Generate Compelling Social Media Content

Talent Marketing Solved: 7 Steps to Generate Compelling Social Media Content To be successful on social media, you need to think of each individual post as just one piece of the larger puzzle. It’s all connected to an overarching strategy that takes a wide range of questions into consideration. Who am I’m trying to reach through this post? What platforms…

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Ep. 01 – 5 Steps to Building a Social Media Plan

Talent Marketing Solved: 5 Things to Consider When Crafting an Effective Social Media Strategy Oftentimes, we hear clients say that they’re interested in “ticking the box” on social media. They know it’s something they should be doing to attract top talent, but it seems like a chore. We’re here to talk about why social media isn’t just another box to…

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Ep. 00 – TMS Podcast Introduction

Talent Marketing Solved: An Introduction to the Podcast Allow us to introduce ourselves. In this episode, you’ll meet our hosts, Paul Wills and Todd Yeager, and recurring guest, Stacey Shaw, and you’ll learn a little about this journey on which we are about to embark. Give us a few minutes of your time. We’ll give you concrete, actionable steps you…

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