Ep. 14 – Recruitment Marketing Agencies

You don’t have to be part of a huge, national organization to benefit from hiring a recruitment marketing agency. Any organization has unique recruiting challenges that could benefit from the expertise of a dedicated agency. The truth is that if you’re spending any amount of time or recruitment budget, you could benefit from an objective, outsider’s perspective and an expert approach to the recruiting challenges that are eating into your resources.

In fact, if any of these four things are true, you may want to consider working with an agency partner:

  1. Insufficient Pipeline: There are not enough quality candidates in your hiring funnel.
  2. Lack of Bandwidth: You do not have enough internal staff members to meet the hiring responsibilities and expectations of your organization.
  3. Lack of Expertise: You lack access to the strategic knowledge necessary to produce better results and drive quality candidates into your pipeline.
  4. Inadequate Support from Internal Partners: IT or Marketing Department partners are not adequately supporting your goals—either because they lack the time/resources or they lack the specific expertise.

How Does a Recruitment Marketing Agency Get Paid?

If you’re considering hiring an agency partner, it’s important to understand the various pricing structures that agencies use and how they determine how much to charge. Generally, a recruitment marketing agency gets paid in three ways:


With most recruitment media (e.g. Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, etc.), the agency is paid by the media vendor via commission, not by the client. In exchange for bringing them business, the media vendor pays the agency a commission based on the total spend. In other words, if a client buys $10,000 worth of Indeed media and runs it through a recruitment marketing agency, they will spend the same amount as they would if they purchased directly through the media vendor.


A client may choose to hire a recruitment marketing agency for a specific one-off project (e.g. designing a career website), in which case, the client and the agency will negotiate a fixed price and timeline based on the scope of the work. Before work begins, both the agency and the client should work to thoroughly define the perimeters of the project to ensure that the work delivered meets the client’s expectations.


Some organizations may want to develop an ongoing relationship with an agency and have consistent access to an expert team to help them with specific projects (retaining an agency to handle social media, for example). In this case, the client and agency would agree on a set number of hours and specific goals to determine a fixed monthly cost.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Recruitment Marketing Agency?

Objective Problem-Solving

When a client develops a direct relationship with a media vendor, that vendor will naturally be biased toward their own organization. Their salespeople are motivated to tell clients that they can fix all of their potential hiring challenges—whether or not that vendor is really the best option for the client. After all, when the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

The agency’s goal, however, is to simply do what’s best for the client and are generally agnostic toward media placement. They have a complete picture of where money is and should be spent, and they will track that investment to make sure that it continues to perform well over time.

Broad Marketing Expertise

Best practices, tools, and media are constantly changing. It’s the agency’s job to keep up with those trends and educate their clients. An experienced agency has worked in many different verticals, and they’ve “been there, done that” when it comes to any challenge a client may throw their way. It’s all they do, and they have the data from years of experience to back up their recommendations.

In-House Specialists

At a full-service recruitment marketing agency, there will be experts available to help clients tackle specialized tasks. For example, you may need to enlist the help of a copywriter, a web designer, and an SEO specialist to build your new career website. Instead of outsourcing those tasks to many smaller third-party companies, all of those skill sets are at your disposal in a full-service agency, and there will be an account manager to help coordinate these individual efforts into one cohesive, long-term strategy.

Responsive Service

Let’s face it, whenever you ask for help from you internal IT or Marketing Departments, you’re at the bottom of the pecking order. It may take you weeks to have a simple flyer made. When a client works with an agency, on the other hand, they’re able to manage the function, not be managed by it. In general, when you’re a client (rather than a coworker), you’re at the top of the priority list.


It’s a common myth that, in order to get an agency to even look in your direction, you need to be ready to spend a healthy figure. Whether your organization is in the Fortune 1000 or growing rapidly, hiring an agency may be the key to reducing your hiring costs. For example, if you want to hire someone to handle your employer branded social accounts, you generally have two options. Option one is to hire your own social recruiting specialist at $55k-$65k. Your second option is to pay an agency $25k-$40k to handle it all for you. The best choice, from a financial standpoint, should be clear.

What Questions Should I Ask When Choosing an Agency?

The best way to see if an agency is right for you is to hop on a call and get to know the specific people who would be handling your account. Most agencies will not charge for an exploratory phone call, and we’d encourage you to take just 15-30 minutes to talk candidly with your prospective recruitment marketing agency. These 5 questions will help you determine what you’re looking for and find the agency that’s right for your organization:

  1. Pricing Structures: How is the agency going to charge me?
  2. Services: What services do I need, and do I want to hire a boutique (i.e. specializing in one specific area of recruitment marketing) or full-service agency?
  3. Turnaround Time: How long can I expect this project to take?
  4. Experience: How long has the agency been in operation?
  5. Personality: Who, specifically, would be working on my account, and can I see myself working well with them?

If you’re interested in employing an agency partner to help you with your hiring challenges, start with a call to S2E Solutions. Ask us questions, and kick the tires. Let’s work together to find the recruitment marketing solutions that are right for your organization.

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