Meet Stuey

A career website platform that delivers on today’s jobseeker expectations.


Meet Stuey

A career website platform that delivers on today’s jobseeker expectations.

Today’s jobseekers crave information.

They want to get to know who you are as a company—your culture, your values, and what you stand for.


of candidates view career sites prior to applying to jobs



of candidates are looking to find and consume employer content

So, imagine if you had an all-in-one career site destination

for candidates to discover and engage with your organization. More than a list of job openings, it’s a place where candidates fall in love with your company before they ever step through the door.



Our talented creative team, here at S2E, strongly believes in delivering a best-in-class website design that accurately communicates your employer brand and values, quickly capturing the attention of your audience.



Personal Web Experience and Journey For Each Candidate

The Stuey Career Site Platform allows for each website visitor to have a personalized experience and journey. As they view and consume content and jobs, we use that data to dynamically serve them content on future website visits; job recommendation, geo-specific jobs/content.


Talent Network via Job Alerts

Build Your Talent Community of Active and Passive Candidates, and Proactively Communicate

The Stuey platform allows for you to capture data of candidates interested in receiving future communication, without having to complete the apply process.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you use Google? Well so do 80% of job seekers who are actively looking for job and career opportunities. Optimizing your jobs and career site content (SEO) will help drive visibility and organic traffic to your site, as well as setting you up to appear in Google for Jobs.


Job Cart

Save and Bookmark Favorite Jobs and Apply When You’re Ready

Similar to how you shop for products online i.e. Amazon, and save to your cart, why not offer the same for candidates who are ‘shopping’ for jobs.


Performance Metrics & Analysis

If You Can Track It, You Can Improve It.

S2E strongly believes in the capturing and analyzing of performance metrics, which allow us to improve and drive the ROI of your career site.

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