Leadership Team

Meet the real people behind S2E Solutions.

These are the ones who know the industry, the technology, and who will roll up their sleeves to consistently deliver the guidance that makes the difference in your organization.

Stacey Shaw

Senior Vice President

Stacey’s 20+ years of experience in the recruitment marketing industry have made her a trusted partner with clients – many of which have been clients for most of that time. She cherishes personal growth – not only through the ongoing development of her leadership skills, but always looking for that next adventure in life - whether that’s visiting a new pub around the corner or a new country around the world. Stacey is a frequent guest of the Talent Marketing Solved podcast.

Paul Wills

Senior Vice President

Even with 25 years in recruitment, Paul still delights in the endless variety of possible approaches and technologies impacting the industry. His dry wit and droll British accent have led S2E Solutions successfully through the great recession which saw many competitors vanish. He credits his team’s exceptional relationships – always going above and beyond – for not only S2E’s longevity, but its continued growth. Equally, he credits the ready availability of caffeine for his motivation every day. Paul is a co-host of the podcast Talent Marketing Solved.

Todd Yeager

VP, Client Services

Todd’s extensive background in marketing – and especially in recruitment marketing has made him keenly aware of the constant evolution of technology. He is the wizard of finding ways to leverage tech to help solve client challenges. When he’s not thinking of new tech for S2E’s clients, he is planning to run a marathon and raising twin boys. Todd keeps an open mind; always on the lookout for innovative and unique approaches to help clients win big. Todd is a co-host of the podcast Talent Marketing Solved.

Mike Speer

Director, Digital Experience

Mike is passionate about every opportunity to tackle the challenges that businesses think are impossible – and ensure they are 100% possible. His optimism is not only contagious – it is an enormous influence on S2E Solutions client outcomes. Mike’s passion for all things digital is reflected in his “yes” attitude – even to the tough requests – breaking through perceived limits. Like the rest of the S2E team, Mike’s family is a huge influence and inspiration.

Denise Bonnie

Account Manager

Denise’s 6 years at S2E Solutions have been filled with opportunities for creativity, and collaboration with a wide variety of clients. Denise is a living example that you can accomplish just about anything you put your mind to. She will be celebrating 33 years with her High School Sweetheart and is the proud mother of a daughter who served in the United States Marine Corp. Denise lives her life, filled with purpose, motivated to make a difference in every aspect of her life, and the lives she touches: her team, her clients and her family.

Lori Greer

Account Manager

With 10+ years of experience specializing in healthcare, Lori provides her clients with solutions that work right the first time. She builds lifelong relationships with her clients, so much so that as they move on to new opportunities they often contact her again. When she’s not at work you can find her hiking trails near her home or visiting a National Park with her teenage son.